Fridge Freezer February – Minced Beef

We have two freezers… a little one that is stuffed full with- I don’t know what (can’t open the drawers) – and a much bigger one that is also stuffed so full that everytime I open it I have to have my hands ready to push comestibles back in.

We have had enough of that big freezer and want to consign it to the garage where it will no longer take up too much room. So, I have designated February as Fridge Freezer February. My mission is to eat out of the freezer until there is simply nothing left. Originally, these posts were going to be named ‘Frugal February’ but considering that we have inordinate amounts of smoked salmon in said freezer, it seemed that ‘frugal’ it was not.

So today- Frozen minced beef. In a lack of inspiration it simply had to be spagetti bolognese.



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