Rosy’s Valentine Challenge


It was our friend Rosy (she of the Cowes week mega bacon baguette fame) who encouraged me to write my blog. Rosy is a great friend, and a gifted, brave and madly funny writer. She started her blog last year detailing the ups and downs of looking for love (on the Isle of Wight and elsewhere) and her blog from Day 1 was bright, funny, and often deeply poignant.

I was awed by her courage to start her blog as I had been tossing up the idea(and had made a few false starts) of writing a food blog of my own. Rosy provided advice on a range of things, and encouraged me by providing me with books, notebooks, and invitations to writing festivals. While Rosy’s blog is more intimate and brave than a mere food blog could ever be, each new post she wrote was a joy and a delight. More than a few posts brought me to tears.

I cannot look at a cow now without wondering if they have a suntan.

Rosy’s blog has now been published by Lulu as an e-book or can be bought as a hard copy.

I can highly recommend Rosy’s book. Not just because she is my friend. But because it is great fun, and a terrific read.


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