China China

I first tried China China in Cowes during the Cowes Week of 2006. The restaurant had only been open a few weeks and had not really found its feet and so it was some time before we tried it again. Since then, the food has been getting better and better and on Tuesday a group of friends and I enjoyed a delicious and relaxed meal. It was the kind of meal that afterwards you sit back, pat your tummy and wish that there was room to start again.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, China China have a 50% off all main meals deal going on on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So we had enormous mounds of delicious food- for an exceptionally reasonable price.


Garlic and chilli salt ribs. The ribs were tender and not greasy. The meat fell off the bone and it was served with freshly cooked onions. A delight.


The ribs were served with a gorgeous salt sculpture carved into a lion.


Cantonese spring rolls made with minced pork. Again this tasted fresh and not greasy like so many spring rolls can be.


Kung pao chicken- made with cashews and chilli. I would have liked it a bit spicier, but the menu did make clear it was of medium spiciness. I am just a chilli-fiend when it comes to Kung pao chicken!

We also enjoyed a range of fried rices and such delights as fried seaweed that one of our party never fails to order from China China.

The incomparable Matt and Cat reviewed China China way back in 2007. Their review can be found at;


3 thoughts on “China China

  1. Ooooyeh! I went there the other day for the 1st time ever and was well impressed with the food which was reasonably priced as well. The wine was pricey though.
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  2. I had the good fortune of accompanying Mrs Gusto and the food was divine. Note to self to have a meal there more often. I agree the wine was pricey 😦 however we did buy 2 bottles of San Antonio Pinot Grigio and it was VERY good 🙂


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