An extended week of vegan eating – Days 7 – 9


We have enjoyed the veg focus so much this week that we have decided to carry on.

Monday – eating on the run. A glass of wine and a falafel wrap on the commuter train.

Tuesday – French onion soup. – Made with lots of onions, sauteed with olive oil and a tablespoon of sugar into a brown caramelised mush. Add hot vegetable stock, a glass of sweet sherry and served with crusty bread.

I was remarkably clumsy with the sherry while cooking this. Not only did I manage to splash the sherry into the soup, I also managed to splash it into the little tiny crystal sherry glasses we have (twice).

Wednesday – Veg roast dinner. – This was a feast. Roasted cauliflower, carrots, parsnips and potatoes with peas, onion and sage stuffing balls and mushroom and red wine gravy (made also with veg stock).


2 thoughts on “An extended week of vegan eating – Days 7 – 9

  1. Oooh, I’d love the recipe for the onion and sage stuffing balls! And I nearly snorted out my coffee when I read the part about sherry. I’ve never actually cooked with sherry (as it’s much less common here), but I certainly have done that a time or two with a bit of wine!


    • 🙂
      I am afraid to say that I use a packet stuffing mix of sage and onion usually. If I am not doing a vegetarian version then I squeeze out really good quality sausage meat from sausages and mix that in. For Christmas I also add crushed cooked chestnuts.


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