A Week of Vegan eating – Days 4-6


Friday – eating on the run. -A simple wrap grabbed from the office canteen for the train journey home. I am not a big fan of wraps in general, as I do not really like most forms of bread,  but this was the tastiest wrap I have ever had. I could have eaten four of them. It was made with hummus, sweet chilli sauce, lots of grated carrot and avocado. I would never have thought of that combination together- it was a keeper.

Saturday – Um – Busy day out and about running chores and taking B-G for a long walk (where he found the only available muddy puddle to fall into). After spending some time drinking H-G’s rum punch, we lost enthusiasm for a proper meal and dinner largely featured crisps. 

Sunday – pasta with walnuts and cherry tomatoes. –  H-G had been out and got back very late. So a light and easy late supper was on the agenda. This was a dish that was cooked very often by an Italian room mate of mine some years ago. Giulia was a wonderful cook, but was utterly rigid in her approach. ‘Never more than 5 ingredients’ she would insist. No deviation from this rule was ever allowed, otherwise it was ‘not Italian’. I think she meant her Grandmother’s specific version of Italian.

Cook linguine (ingredient 1). In a pan heat some olive oil (ingredient 2), add one crushed clove of garlic (ingredient 3) and very gently cook so it is yellow and not brown, add a good handful of walnut halves to the oil (ingredient 4) and warm through so the halves flavour the olive oil but do not cook. Put pasta into bowls, pour over the walnut and oil mixture and add halved fresh and uncooked cherry tomatoes (ingredient 5) and stir through. Served with a green salad with just a spritz of lemon and balsamic. Salt and pepper do not apparently count as ingredients, so season to taste.


One thought on “A Week of Vegan eating – Days 4-6

  1. I like the sound of the simple wrap as well as the pasta with walnuts and cherry tomatoes and soooooo easy, thanks. Do you have a good recipe for homemade Basil Pesto and Pasta?


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