Out and About- The Anchor (again)

Out for lunch with friends. I did not think we would manage to get out… B-G is still quite under the weather with his cold, but he perked up remarkably quickly when he saw his fish fingers.

The Anchor has misnamed it’s ‘Children’s Fish Fingers’. Unlike the breaded frozen variety you would expect, these were moist, chunky freshly battered fillets. They were very seriously good. Unfortunately, B-G would not sit still long enough for a photo.

The daily special- roasted pork loin with pepper sauce £6.95 This was a huge plate, and the pork was very tender.

and BBQ chicken and cheese panini. This did not look too inspiring, it is true, but it was very good. There was a good mix of punchy bbq sauce, and the chicken fillet was moist. £5.95

The Anchor just does good, honest, reliable food. And they are lovely with it, so a definite favourite. Particularly when the weather is getting colder and the fire is on and it is all so very welcoming.



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