Apple and Bramble pie

Several times a year H-G goes foraging along the cycle track in Cowes and depending on the season comes home with bags filled with rose hips (for rose hip vodka), crab apples, sloes and wild blackberries. Today he made an apple and bramble pie.


4 cooking apples, peeled and diced

blackberries – about 2-3 handfuls

2 dessert spoons sugar

shortcrust pastry (bought)


He threw the apples and blackberries into a pyrex pie dish, sprinkled with sugar, laid the pastry on the top, and then gave the pastry a milk wash. He sprinkled the pastry with more sugar and then cooked at 200 degrees celsius for 10 minutes and then about 35 minutes at 180 degrees. It was slightly too long, and the top became a little dark but it had no effect on the taste. It was delicious, and not too sweet. 

Usually H-G would make his own pastry, but we are all ill with colds today and so quick and easy was the order of the day.


One thought on “Apple and Bramble pie

  1. Thanks for the recipe… our mulberry tree is laden with berries at the moment so I shall use these as a substitute…I hope that it will turn out as well. Hope your colds improve quickly!


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