Tofu Schnitzel

I love tofu. I particularly love fried tofu in any form, and this past week have eaten tofu curry twice for lunch when in London for work. So when I saw that the Co-op were selling tofu (how have I managed to miss this!) I bought some, and a jar of ready-made curry sauce thinking that we could have a super easy meal this evening.

However, the day has been ghastly, with rain and hail. So I stopped thinking of curry and started dreaming of pure comfort food. Tofu schnitzels seemed to fit the bill.

Firstly I drained and rinsed the packet of tofu (Cauldron variety). Then I wrapped it in kitchen towel, placed it between two chopping boards and weighted it down with a copy of Delia Smith’s ‘How to Cook’. This firms the tofu up a bit, which is perfect for schnitzels.

Following this I cut the tofu into three big slices, dipped in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. This was left uncovered in the fridge to firm up still further until it was time to cook.

Then I heated up a frying pan with olive oil and fried gently on each side until brown.

This was served with broccoli, sweetcorn and roasted pumpkin sprinkled with cinnamon and chilli.

Baby-Gusto has never had tofu before, but I figured that if it was crumbed and had sauce then he would eat it. He did. He settled down and ate with intent. I also never thought he would eat one tofu schnitzel all by himself. He did that too. But the broccoli this evening did not get a look in.

The pumpkin was from our original Halloween pumpkin, which seems like a never ending pumpkin. Four dishes out of that now- pumpkin mash; pumpkin pie; pumpkin puree (leftover from pie) and roast pumpkin. I thought we would defeat it this time, but no. We still have about a quarter left. I bow to it, and have thrown it onto the lawn. I feel sure a small scavenging animal will welcome it.

I never want to see pumpkin again.


5 thoughts on “Tofu Schnitzel

  1. I’m sooo going to be trying this!! I’ve got a bit of a fear of tofu… I like it ready smoked when you can bung it straight in the oven. I like it in smoothies and I love it in Thailand… Cooked for me obv. But I fail miserably to make it any other way so will def try this xxx


    • I hope you like it! i have plans this week for tofu ‘chicken’ nuggets with homemade bbq dipping sauce which might be fun too. Made with the same tofu from Cauldron.
      I also love love chilli chinese tofu. I am a bit of a tofu fan I have to admit!


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