Cowes Food Show

The second Cowes Food show was on today, located in the Carpark and Terminal of the RedJet.

We went for a wander, and bought a few little things.

First up was Phillips Fine Food.

This Isle of Wight business is our usual first stop when we want to buy delicious fresh and frozen seafood. Located just outside of Cowes, in Northwood, it was lovely to see the stand here today, and we tried the smoked mussels. These were the largest mussels I have ever seen. The smokey flavour made the mussels taste slightly sweet, and we bought a large container. H-G has a cold and cannot taste them properly. He made me promise not to eat them all, but I have justified myself by saying that Phillips is only up the road a bit, so I can buy more…. B-G loved them too.

Also from Phillips we bought smoked trout pate. That, along with melba toast and a glass of white wine made a delicious snack for a cold Sunday. The pate was made just with smoked trout, soft cheese, lemon and lots and lots of pepper. Lovely.

I have not got this food blogging thing down yet. Rather softly and with a slightly red face I whispered to the Phillips lady ‘Do you mind if I take your picture? I want to put it on my blog’. She was very kind and after asking me to repeat myself, but a little bit louder, allowed me to do so. The same again with the Isle of Wight tomato girl, and then I lost my nerve…

Isle of Wight tomatoes

This was such a beautiful looking stall. Isle of Wight tomatoes are famous for making the best tomato sauce you will ever taste, and for growing glorious heirloom tomatoes. I bought a punnet of tomatoes, which look simply too beautiful to eat. I have spent a fair amount of time this afternoon just stroking and smelling them.

I think perhaps we will have them for supper with lightly toasted bread and crumbled goat cheese. The dark blood plum coloured one in particular needs to be eaten on its own.


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