Chinese eggs

I call this dish ‘Chinese eggs’ for absolutely no good reason except that it features soy sauce and chilli.

I made this today when I was really busy and needed to eat quickly, yet needed something warming and filling.


one teaspoon olive oil

half teaspoon sesame oil (sesame oil is so strong, that it just needs a tiny dash)

finely sliced spring onions (enough to fit the palm of your hand)

half a hot red or green chilli, finely sliced

one pack cooked king prawns chopped into little pieces

3 eggs, lightly beaten.

gloop soy sauce


Put olive oil and sesame oil into a nonstick frying pan and heat gently.

Add chilli and spring onion and stir for a minute

add finely diced prawns and stir for 30 seconds

add beaten eggs. Leave for about half a  minute so that the bottom just starts to set. Then stir with a wooden spoon, gently until the ingredients are incorporated like scrambled eggs.

Add a gloop of soy sauce, and then serve with steamed rice.


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