Toad in the Hole

I have never dared to cook Toad in the Hole as it always looked so complicated. How to make plump sausages nestle so cosily in batter like that? Surely my batter would burn, or sink, or otherwise do something strange and we would be left with a stodgy, glutinous mess and H-G would reach for the takeaway menu drawer and would call the local Indian.

Then Jen from Jen’s Place posted an ‘easy peasy’ Toad in the Hole recipe, and the simple ingredients and the straightforward instructions made me think ‘I could do that!’ So, last night I did.

I was so delighted with the results. The process was indeed easy peasy and the batter was so light and fluffy. I kept bubbling over all through our meal with each bite. H-G loves Toad in the Hole, and loved this one, so this is now going to be a regular. We had it with cheesy broccoli, sweetcorn and lots of English mustard. Next time we will try it with onion gravy as Jen recommends.

Jen’s Toad in the Hole recipe can be found here;


3 thoughts on “Toad in the Hole

  1. You’ve gotta love Toad in the Hole or Sausage Toad as we call it in our family. We have it every friday. We always use sausages with apple in as the apple gives the batter a lovely sweet flavour that is just so scrummy. Yours looks yummy.


    • Apple sausages sounds really good! I must try it. I think Toad in the Hole is going to become a bit of a staple for us this winter. It was simple, so very tasty and true comfort food!


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