Meat-Free Monday

Lots of vegetarian, vegan and animal welfare organisations around the globe promote the idea of ‘Meatless Monday’ or ‘Meat-free Monday’. The campaign aims to cut meat consumption by 15% in order to improve people’s health, animal welfare and the environment. Going meat free for just one day a week is easy for many people- and less daunting than going vegetarian or vegan overnight. Find out more about the campaign at;

I was travelling into London for work today, so was going to be eating on the run, but think that Meat free Monday is a great idea. Breakfast was a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich on the 7 am commuter train.

Lunch was a divine carrot, spinach, chickpea coconut curry from Cafe Alara

Dinner was pure comfort food. Colcannon. When I get home from work at ten pm, I just want to eat mashed potato.

Coincidently, October is also the vegan blogosphere’s Vegan Mofo. (Month of vegan food). I was too late to register this year, but if you want to enjoy a feast of vegan treats, then a number of vegan blogs participating in the Vegan Mofo can be found below;


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