The Octopus Garden

I am rapidly becoming a bit of a fan of The Octopus Garden.

This ‘Beatles Themed’ Cafe always has a solid repuation for good quality breakfasts at decent prices, but the decor just looked too utterly bonkers to lure me. That said, every time I have tried their breakfasts I have been pretty pleased with them, but as a place to eat it was never really on the Gusta radar.

That changed yesterday after I met friends for what was supposed to be ‘coffee’ but turned into a second, late afternoon lunch. I was also pleased by the fact that the cafe is licensed, so the thought of a BLT and a lager was too good to resist.

The food was just good, fresh, unpretentious and honest. My BLT was one of the nicest I have ever had because the bacon was freshly cooked and good quality. Other meals were scrambled eggs with black pudding, cheese and mushrooms on toast and scones with cream and jam. The consumer of the latter was rather startled to find two enormous scones on her plate and was convinced that she would be unable to finish it, but its yumminess convinced her otherwise.

Scones, reproduced with kind permission of Angela!

Scrambled eggs with black pudding

By the time I had finished snapping the other three dishes, half of the mushrooms and cheese on toast had vanished. The Octopus Garden seems to specialise in down to earth comfort food. I can easily imagine cold and wet sailors coming in from a day on the water to consume mounds of cheese on toast, chips and mugs of tea. All in all, I think I shall go more often.

 Prices; 4 huge plates of food, 2 cups of coffee (one decaf), one mug of tea, two bottles of cobra beer- £24.00


2 thoughts on “The Octopus Garden

  1. Thanks Angela, lovely to see you and your husband as well….. a lovely time was had by all! However…. too short… hopefully we will have more time in the future,
    Senior Gusto


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