Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

The Gusto parents are in town this week. Living in Australia, it is always a big treat to have them here in Cowes. Baby-Gusto is not a great traveller- he has done the Australia trip, but with his tender years it was… um… difficult. (That is a polite shorthand for saying that E-Gusta will not take B-G on another plane trip EVER until he is old enough to do the Times Crossword).

In consequence, every year, E-Gusta does a full European Christmas feast in Cowes, which sadly the Gusto parents can never enjoy. A turkey with trimmings and christmas pudding with brandy butter is not unknown in Oz, but the weather tends to lean towards a BBQ on the beach, or a seafood buffet. So this week, E-Gusta decided that the ubiquitous Sunday roast would include Christmas Pudding Ice Cream. This is something which E-G claims to have invented, but it is possibly going a little too far to call this an ‘invention’. It is more an assembly of lots of yummy things.  The ingredients are;

Hagen Daaz vanilla ice cream

Handful of chopped glace cherries

Handful of chopped mixed peel

Handful of chocolate chips

Handful of sultanas soaked in brandy

Chopped stollen cake (optional. Husband-Gusto dislikes it so I omitted it today)

1 shot glass brandy, mixed in.

Add ingredients to ice cream. Stir. Re-freeze. Eat.

I often add pecans also, but forgot this time. It was still pretty good.


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