Butternut Squash

H-Gusto had never eaten butternut squash before meeting me some 8 years ago. He had the continental prejudice against it, which dictated that squash was food fit only for animals. I have converted him now- sometimes when I ask him what he wants most for dinner, he will say ‘Please, roasted butternut squash’. I am (usually) happy to oblige, and variously sprinkle the pumpkin with herbs, or chilli powder or cinnamon.

This week, just by chance we have had two butternut squash meals. The first was a new dish, roasted squash stuffed with lamb mince, spices and rice. H-G considered this a ‘tweaker’ I thought it was dire.


Then one of my favourite bloggers, Kate from Une Vie Chic posted a recipe for butternut squash and apple soup. While butternut soup is well known in the Gusto household, the addition of apple was new to me and I decided to try it that very day.


I followed Kate’s recipe (see link) almost exactly. The only changes were that I did not have any canned pumpkin puree (I have never seen such a thing on the Isle of Wight), and I used granny smith apples because that was what I had to hand. I also did not use cream, but crème fraiche, as I am thinking about my waistline.

The soup was glorious. Roasting the squash added a velvety texture to the dish, and the addition of apples was a complete revelation. The taste was warm, spicy. I kept saying to H-G ‘It tastes like Halloween!’. But it really did. This is a definite keeper, and I will be adding apple to all of my butternut squash soups from now on.

So, a fabulous soup. However, I am not a girl who can only eat soup for dinner  (hence having always to watch the waistline) and so we also had bruschetta with rocket, stilton, pears and honeyed walnuts on the side. One word only for this entire meal. 



4 thoughts on “Butternut Squash

  1. I should note that I’ve also done a curried butternut squash soup that is divine, and a pumpkin and black bean soup that butternut squash could easily be substituted in for. I love squash!


    • Hi Kate! Thank you again for the fantastic recipe. I shall certainly try black bean and pumpkin also. That sounds really intriguing. I had been lamenting the last days of summer and the coming of autumn, but now feel very excited about the possibilities…… I forsee a pumpkin (and roasted chestnut) overload ahead!

      The Gusto parents are coming to visit, and I have already promised them that I will do this soup. Probably for Sunday supper. 🙂


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