Salmon en croute

There are a dozen recipes for salmon en croute. It is one of my favourite dishes- in whatever format it comes. This is a version I did after I had home-made salmon pate left over and decided to match one with the other. It is insanely simple, tastes as if you have been slaving over a stove for hours and is a great dinner party dish because all you have to do is prepare it in advance, pop in the oven for 20 minutes, then float back to your guests and pour them another martini.


Knob of unsalted butter

good slice of smoked salmon, finely diced

third of a tub of cream cheese

chopped dill to taste


salmon fillets (one per person)

sheet of thin puff pastry- I use the pre-cut sheets (jus roll brand) but roll it out more thinly as I like a very thin crust.

Mix the cream cheese, diced salmon, dill, lemon and melted butter together in a bowl.

Place salmon fillet onto the thinly rolled pastry sheet

wrap into a parcel

Pop into a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.


Baby-Gusto thinks everything tastes better with tomato sauce. 

The salmon pate I make is described above, but if I just want a salmon pate dish, then I put the cream cheese, smoked salmon, lemon juice and pepper into a blender then add the melted butter until thick and creamy. I line ramekin dishes with either smoked salmon, or very thinly sliced (peeled) cucumber (for H-Gusto who finds the salmon very rich) pour in the pate mixture, top with more melted butter and then refrigerate. This is lovely with melba toast and peppery lemony green salad. Although B-Gusto prefers that with tomato sauce too.


4 thoughts on “Salmon en croute

  1. I have sampled said salmon pate and can safely say it’s a ‘little finger in the bottom of the ramekin’ job, when the spoon does not suffice xxx


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