Random eatings during Cowes week.

  1. Toast and Jam at The Octopus’s Garden

This was Baby-Gusto’s second breakfast of the day. He finished the lot. Plus a side of hash browns.


2. Scrambled egg on toast at The Octopus’s Garden.

For me. With white coffee. This hit the spot. I bought B-G’s toast, my eggs, a white coffee, a cake and hot chocolate and a cup of tea all for £11. Most satisfying.


3. Beef Rendang in the Yacht Haven at ‘Wok’s Happening’. I was a bit disappointed with this. I love Wok’s Happening, and usually eat their Thai prawn dish on repeat. I branched out to try the Beef Rendang. It was acceptable, but needed more mango chutney to give it taste. The advertised ‘naan’ bread was a microwaved pita. This is a great place to go during Cowes week- but I will revert to Thai prawn curry. That is really out of this world.

4. Bacon baguette from Tiffins. Tiffins has been in Cowes for yonks. People love it. Prices are good, servings are – well that is a dinner plate my baguette is resting on- and the food is fresh. Highly recommended.  Thanks to our friend Rosy who decided that turning up at 9 am on the final sailing day with Tiffins baguettes would be A. Good. Idea.

She was right.


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