Cowes Week! Day One

It is Cowes Week 2012. Cowes Week is our total highlight of the year. It is just a week of sailing festival fun. This is the second year that Cowes Week has been sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management, and it certainly is a fantastic spectacle.

H-G sails all Cowes Week, but Baby Gusto and I prefer to enjoy the fun off the water. There are pop-up restaurants, shops, live music and people everywhere.

Saturday was Day 1. After waving off the intrepid sailors, B-G and I went for a wander to see all the sights. Lunch was always going to feature in our plans (lunch is one of my 3 favourite meals of the day) so we went into the Yacht Haven and considered our options.

Some of my favourites were back- I can highly recommend the Thai/Chinese/Malay caravan- their red curry prawns have been a highlight in years past, but this year I decided to try something new. Rejecting the food caravan that featured a disinterested counterhand who was sitting and resolutely ignoring potential punters and reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ I settled on a new place called ‘Crab on Chips’. That was- exactly- what they offered. An enormous mound of crab on freshly cooked chips.

I enjoyed this meal. The crab was tasty, and not diluted by mayonnaise. The portions were huge,and at £7.50 probably represented pretty good value for money. B-G loves crab, and he loves chips, so that worked out well. All in all, it was a really nice addition to the food caravans that feature at the Yacht Haven. Added to this, Crab On Chips is a local Isle of Wight business, from Ventnor and all the crab and lobster sold is fished here.

After this meal- enjoyed in the hot sun, both B-G and I needed a nap. But there was no chance. The sailors were coming in, and jugs of Pimms beckoned.


One thought on “Cowes Week! Day One

  1. I loved reading this particular blog, B-G is obviously having a wonderful Cowes Week 2012! Great stuff looking forward to hearing more!!


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