Sunday Burgers

In the past few years I have been very insistent on having a traditional Sunday roast on – wait for it- Sundays. I adore planning our weekly menus, and love to cook the full roast with trimmings. My usual go-to roast is my rosemary-lemon chicken, but I also often cook roast pork, as it is the special favourite of H-Gusto.

The vague plan for last Sunday was to cook roast duck. The Co-op have been selling whole ducks and duck legs lately, and I have bought a stash for my freezer, as I know from experience that what is being sold today may not be available tomorrow. However, H-G spent the day on the water, and Baby Gusto and I spent the vast majority of the day wandering around Northwood House and Park playing on the swings and the new seesaw, and by the time I got home again, had made lunch and B-Gusto had had his nap I really- frankly- could not be bothered faffing around with ducks, and hot ovens, and potato dauphinoise.

The Co-op have also recently been selling Venison Burgers. On Thursday I had bought 3 packs. Late afternoon I decided that today was the day to bring them out.

No burger is truly complete without picked gherkins. So, we had an almost embarrassingly  simple supper. Venison burgers. Burger buns. Mustard mayonnaise, sliced iceberg lettuce and tomatos. I could not be bothered to make chips either- homemade or frozen, so we had corn on the side. Plus wine. By no stretch of the imagination was this a great dish, although the venison burgers were really lovely.   They tasted fresh, not too gamey, and despite being grilled for approximately 3 minutes longer than desirable, were moist and tender. B-Gusto tucked in with- dare I say it- gusto.


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