An Afternoon at the Isle of Wight Model Engineering Society

The trains! The trains!

Baby Gusto loves the trains.

The Isle of Wight Model Engineering Society is just a great day out. A number of enthusiasts- all volunteers- offer children (and adults) a ride on model trains. For the cost of a donation (£1 per child is suggested) you can have a fun time. For a further cost of mere pennies you can enjoy a range of home-made cakes and biscuits.   

It  is the school holidays, so the IMES site was filled to the brim with parents and children. B-Gusto is still of an age where standing in line is difficult, but we soon were seated after not too much of a delay.  B-G also thinks that getting off the train mid-ride might be an adventure in itself, so I went with him, and ignored the ‘go ‘way mummy’ as he tries to assert his independence.  

We went around the course 3 times, and I decided that we should stop for coffee and cake before lining up again. By the time I got back to B-Gusto he had fallen fast asleep. His little chocolate cup cake had to go home with us for later. The scones never made it quite that far.



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