Sunday Pub Grub

 As someone who is as obsessed with cooking as I am, it may seem strange that my very first post on my brand new blog will be about a pub lunch.  Husband-Gusto (H-Gusto) goes out for the day on the Solent indulging his passion for everything nautical, so Baby Gusto and I decided between us (well- more truthfully, I decided – B-G has no decision-making ability just yet) that we would walk along The Green then treat ourselves to a pub lunch.

Pub du jour was The Anchor, in Cowes.

The Anchor is currently the favourite Cowes pub in the Gusto household. The prices are reasonable, the portions are decent and the atmosphere is charming. Usually the food is good, sometimes even very good, and it is always reliable.

The Anchor is an old, traditional English pub. Low ceilings, wooden beams, and rumours of a resident ghost in the form of Harry the Stable Boy. Legend has it that poor Harry hung himself from the stable gable, and was only a lad of about 16 when he died. Regular customers swear they have witnessed strange events, and staff at The Anchor have told how glasses move by themselves in the middle of the night.  Being a mad keen fan of anything woo, I am prepared to believe such tales, and have more than a few myself which I am sure in due course I will share.

Back to the food. The children’s menu features the ubiquitous sausages and beans and chips, but Baby Gusto has a fondness for scampi. The portion sizes are pretty decent for young ones- and they cook them fresh. I usually ignore the Specials Board, as the Cajun salmon salad is a fave, but today I was seduced by the ‘oven baked trout with salad and new potatoes’. The trout when it came was indeed a whole trout, rather than a little fillet, and it was beautifully cooked. It was so tender, and moist, and the flesh just flaked at the smallest prod of a fork then melted in the mouth. I had inhaled the lot almost before B-G had started his second piece of scampi.  



It was a leisurely lunch. The hottie yachties had not yet come in from sailing, and there were only a few patrons sitting and enjoying the ambience and the tv sets tuned to the Olympics. B-G and I stayed long enough to watch a fair whack of the women’s road race cycling and a little bit of fencing. Then we ambled home for a nap. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


Oven baked whole trout with salad and new potatos – £9.50

Children’s scampi and chips – £4.95

Large white wine spritzer – £3.45

Tap water (Baby Gusto) – free


One thought on “Sunday Pub Grub

  1. Loved the Blog. I can’t wait to go to the Anchor when we arrive in a few weeks time! Even B-G’s lunch looked great. Also intriguing ghost story.


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